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Mackie DFX 6 Mixer replacement Slider Fader Knobs 5 X White, 2 X Red & 2 X Blue

Mackie DFX 6 Mixer replacement Slider Fader Knobs 5 X White, 2 X Red & 2 X Blue Set of replacement slider knobs for Mackie DFX 6 mixer Colours: 5 x white 2 x red and 2 x blue Fine etched texture finish with marker line Marker ...  More
mackie d.4 DJ Mixer - 4 Channel VCA Fader - Analog Filters - Firewire - Traktor

Up for auction is a Mackie d.4 4-Channel Mixer. The unit is is good working condition and clean cosmetically. Some of the LEDs in the backlit knobs are not working, as seen in the photos, but this does not effect the functionality ...  More
Mackie Baby Hui - Flying faders!

Up for sale is a used Mackie Baby Hui. As you can see, encoders 1&7 have broken off. I will include them if you believe you can fix them, otherwise being sold as is. All other encoders, buttons and motorized faders work great. ...  More
Mackie CFX16 MKII built in effects processor 3-band EQ faders 16 channel mixer

Used Mackie mixing board in excellent condition. It is in great working order and appearance. Comes shipped in original box. No international Shipping. Second two photos are stock images.High-headroom mic preamps with RF rejection ...  More

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