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Mackie D8B Fader Control Board

Here we have a Fader Control Board For the mackie d8b... THIS BOARD IS FOR 16-24 ONLY. As you can see, this is the board that includes the master fader. Works great with no issues. happy Bidding...
Mackie Baby HUI Control Surface - 8 motorized touch faders - Great Condition

selling my studio gear!! Mackie Baby HUI Control Surface (with original power cable) for sale in great condition! 8 motorized touch faders with MIDI in and out.
Mackie D8B Digital Bus Faders Pc Board

Pulled Out from Mackie D8B Digital Mixer Bus Pc Board Only good for parts AS IS
Mackie Mixer Mixer Unity Combiner Complete with Master Fader Nice 3 1604 tested

For Your Consideration: 1 Mackie Mixer Mixer Unity Combiner. complete 100% working w remote master fader. We call it the "mixer mixer" because that's what it mixes the outputs from up to three mixers so you can use them ...  More
Mackie Control Universal 8 fader DAW controller

For auction: Mackie Universal Control Midi DAW control surface. Unit is running latest firmware from Mackie. Comes with Mackie power supply and M-Audio midi I/O to USB adapter. Driver for midi I/O is available for download at M Au ...  More
Mackie DFX 6 Mixer replacement Slider Fader Knobs 5 X White, 2 X Red & 2 X Blue

Mackie DFX 6 Mixer replacement Slider Fader Knobs 5 X White, 2 X Red & 2 X Blue Set of replacement slider knobs for Mackie DFX 6 mixer Colours: 5 x white 2 x red and 2 x blue Fine etched texture finish with marker line Marker ...  More

Mackie MCU XT Pro,Extender Pro 8-Fader Control Surface Extension for MCU Pro


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