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Schoeps mk41s microphone capsule for collette series mics

MK41s street price is $1000- new. Capsule is in perfect condition - purchased and never used. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Signature required on delivery where applicable. Thanks
schoeps / straesser cm060, fully working , 48 volt phantom and xlr #6574

schoeps cm 060 on sale is an excellent sounding cm060 labeled "straesser". find out more on straesser still is the number one in germany for sound installation in churches. this mic #6574 is working the way it ...  More
Schoeps KA 40 Sphere Attachments (40mm)

The 40mm KA 40 Sphere Attachments from Schoeps is designed for use with omnidirectional microphones. It can be used when capturing audio in various environments such as recording studios, live sound and more. It creates the illusi ...  More
Schoeps Colette CMC 5 U Microphone Amplifier (Matte Gray)

Brand new item, never used The matte gray Colette CMC 5 U Microphone Amplifier from Schoeps is designed exclusively for 48V phantom powering and features discrete circuitry. The microphone amplifier provides the electrostatic char ...  More
Schoeps MK 2H Microphone Capsule (Matched Pair, Matte Gray)

BRAND NEW, NEVER USED The matte gray MK 2H Microphone Capsule from Schoeps comes as a matched pair, and can be used indoors at medium recording distances (i.e. where direct sound energy is similar in amount to reflected sound ener ...  More
Schoeps CMC MK Microphone Windscreen Black Foam from Windtech 5070-13

1300 series foam windscreen from WindTech Schoeps CMC/MK Made in the USA from acoustically transparent Sonic Foam. Washable Hypo-Allergenic. Eliminates wind noise. Pop noise. Breath sounds. prevents moisture, dirt damage and conta ...  More
Schoeps MK8 Bi-Directional Microphone Capsule


Schoeps MK4 Capsule

Schoeps CMIT 5U replacement Foam Shotgun windscreen Windtech SG-150 5060-150

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