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Superlux S502 Stereo Condensor Microphone Schoeps MSTC64 Style

Hey Guys, Mike with Freq City Sound here. Here's another great Superlux mic to add to your kit. Any where you'd use a hot condenser, it can now be a stereo mix. I have some comparisons to a $3600 mic below. You're going to be blow ...  More
Schoeps CMC 5 -- U vintage microphone with MK 4 capsule

Bought this baby has been on the shelf for a couple of years. Very light use. This is the classic short shotgun used by most good audio people for recording dialogue. It requires 48 volts phantom power.
Schoeps MiniCMIT Miniature Shotgun Microphone #MINICMIT

1.888.209.5772 About me Contact Us Shipping Payments FAQ Schoeps MiniCMIT Miniature Shotgun Microphone SKU: SCMINICMIT Mfr. Part: MINICMIT Item Includes Schoeps MiniCMIT Miniature Shotgun Microphone - Stand Clamp - Foam Windscreen ...  More
Schoeps m221b mic power supply

Schoeps m221b microphone power supply and mic to supply cable. *NO MIC IS INCLUDED!!! 1.power supply 2.cable
Schoeps Mark 2 microphone

Schoeps brand mic head in excellent condition.
Schoeps BZS 41 UN

Schoeps brand mic connection box. It has a 5 pin XLR male and female connector. I have no idea what this item is. Batteries not included. Needs two 9 volt batteries An ebay user sent me this. The item is a power supply for a pair ...  More
Schoeps CMC6 MK4 Matched Pair Microphones

Schoeps MK2S Capsules Matched Pair

Schoeps DZC 10 Microphone Attenuator 2 Available

Schoeps CMXY 4V Ug X/Y Stereo Microphone - New

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