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Rare Vintage 1974 Schoeps Brochure Studio Condenser Microphones Colette Program

This 1974 brochure for the Schoeps studio condenser microphones colette program is in very good condition. It is one page folded three times in a trifold plus one paper insert.
Schoeps GVC Swivel Capsule (Nickel Finish) with Capsule

Used but working great, and in excellent cosmetic shape! The electrically passive GVC Swivel Capsule from Schoeps has a nickel finish and can be inserted between any capsule and microphone amplifier of the Colette modular system, ...  More
Original vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule M934b

The original vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule M934b and original power supply schoeps N20B. In vintage microphone standing tube Telefunken AC701. Microphones witchable cardioid and omni. Cable length from the ...  More
Schoeps CCM 41S

Extremely high quality compact hypercardioid condender microphone. capsule and preamp in one impressively small package. includes detachable XLR cable. Almost mint condition, works perfectly, but has postcode marking subtly blocke ...  More
Schoeps CMC6 + MK41 + MK4 Microphone Amp and Capsule

Included is a Schoeps CMC6U AmpMK4 cardoid modular microphone capsule. MK41 hyper-cardoid modular microphone capsule. All three items are in great condition and have barely been used. Please let me know if you have any questions. ...  More
Schoeps MK 4g Cardioid Microphone Capsule for MK 4 "Colette"

All photos are of the actual item for sale. Like-New Condition Open box, unused condition. Check out my other auction listings! and be sure to add me to your favorites list. CONTACT INFORMATION You can e-mail us with any questions ...  More

Schoeps MK6 microphone capsule.

Schoeps CMC5--U Microphone Preamplifier.

Schoeps M221 F Tube Condenser Microphone Telefunken vintage studio Sold Defectiv

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